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Residents sound off about stadium noise

"A dozen or so area residents voiced complaints against the concerts being held at the Forest Hills Stadium during the Nov. 8 meeting of Community Board 6.

The residents cited everything from excessive noise levels to interference with religious observances. Chairperson Heather Beers-Dimitriadis announced that the board had received 48 written comments “in favor of” the stadium, with nine others “opposed to practices” there.

But the speakers on hand were almost unanimous in their dissatisfaction with what has been going on in the neighborhood.

Andy Court, president of Concerned Citizens of Forest Hills, a group that advocates for “reasonable restrictions” on the concerts, complained that a recent three-night electric dance festival at the stadium was “an assault on our neighborhood.”

“City zoning ordinances are not being properly enforced,” Court said, adding, “This is about the rule of law and basic common decency. If it happened outside of Mayor Adams’ home, do you think it would be going on this long? The West Side Tennis Club [owner of the stadium] is getting breaks other people don’t get.”"

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