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West Side Tennis Club Sues To Keep Street Leading to Stadium Open

From the filing:

"Accordingly, with the approval of Defendants, Plaintiffs constructed a new entrance gate adjacent Burns Street to provide safe, easy access to the Stadium from the nearby LIRR/MTA at Station Square (the “New Gate”). Using the New Gate, Concertgoers could now

reach the Stadium via an easy, five minute walk from the MTA/LIRR near Station Square to the New Gate via Burns Street, which is situated between the LIRR tracks and the Club’s own property (the “Burns Path”).

...Several weeks ago, however, in or about February, 2023, Defendants began a bad faith campaign to shut down the fast-approaching 2023 summer concert season. In short, Defendants threatened to blockade Burns Street, and prevent the use of any other streets in the Gardens, in order to prevent pedestrian access to the Stadium. This is the first time in the 100 year history of the Stadium that Defendants have attempted to impede the Club’s invitees from accessing events at the Stadium."

Read their court arguments here:

Download PDF • 590KB


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