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Tennis club hit with second stadium suit: Forest Hills neighbors say concerts too long, loud; WSTC says rules are followed

"A second lawsuit has been filed against the West Side Tennis Club concerning noise and other problems that some of its neighbors in Forest Hills Gardens say are the result of an unsupervised and unchecked series of concerts that are booked in the club’s iconic, 100-year-old stadium.

In a 15-page complaint filed on Dec. 11, Concerned Citizens of Forest Hills, Inc., Christopher Jaray, Douglas Gilbert and Emory Anderson claim that in the decade since concerts returned to the stadium, they and other residents “have been subjected to sound levels before and during Stadium concerts that exceed noise levels under the New York City Noise Code ...”

Concerned Citizens formed back in May. The complaint states that the number of concerts has greatly expanded year after year, from below 20 in the years prior to the pandemic to 32 this year after 27 last year.

The suit states that concerts very often run past their permitted time in the evening, when residents and children are trying to sleep; and that even noise from preconcert sound checks can cause a great disturbance.

“We don’t understand why the city has been allowing the West Side Tennis Club to get away with this,” said Andy Court, president of Concerned Citizens, in a press release. “We are asking that the noise levels inside people’s homes be consistently monitored and that the West Side Tennis Club be ordered to comply with the law.”"

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