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NYC judge muffles concerts at Forest Hills Stadium over noise complaints from neighbors

A Queens judge ordered the popular Forest Hills Stadium and its owner, the West Side Tennis Club, to monitor concert sound levels and control trespassing this concert season, granting relief to some Forest Hills residents who have complained of window-shaking noise and other nuisances stemming from the recently revived stadium.

A Queens neighborhood is done plugging its ears after a judge ordered the owners of Forest Hills Stadium to turn down the volume amid lingering complaints from locals.

Supreme Court Justice Joseph Esposito agreed that the racket from the venue — and wandering concertgoers — was a legitimate nuisance for neighbors, and ordered the venue’s overseers to put a lid on it following a lawsuit filed by the Forest Hills Garden Corp., a local civic group.

“The crowds overtake the street. It’s overwhelming,” one neighbor told The Post. “The trash after [concerts] is ridiculous. When I moved here I looked forward to a quiet-ish neighborhood. The rock concerts are pounding on my ear drums.” "

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