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Judge orders Forest Hills Stadium to track sound, control trespassers ahead of concert season

"A Queens judge ordered the popular Forest Hills Stadium and its owner, the West Side Tennis Club, to monitor concert sound levels and control trespassing this concert season, granting relief to some Forest Hills residents who have complained of window-shaking noise and other nuisances stemming from the recently revived stadium.

Queens Supreme Court Justice Joseph Espostio ruled this week that ahead of the beginning of the 2024 concert season the stadium and its concert operator, Tiebreaker, need to keep tabs on the sound and crowd levels arguing that otherwise, the community could face “irreparable harm.”

The complaints had come from community members at the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation, a private neighborhood where the stadium resides whose residents have long said concert noise and crowds have harmed their quiet quality of life.

...“The affidavit of plaintiffs expert wherein he concluded that the noise complained of was approximately 100 times the legal limit for the residential neighborhood was unrebutted by competent proof, and the affidavits of the residents detailed the nightly assault on the quiet enjoyment of their respective homes,” the decision continued."

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