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Concerts are shaking up controversy for residents near Forest Hills Stadium

"The two-day Head in the Clouds music festival is coming to New York, but not without controversy.

Two different groups of residents in Forest Hills are concerned about the festival and all the others that are expected to take place at Forest Hills stadium in the next three months.

“It’s not appropriate that people’s houses are shaking. It’s not appropriate that people can’t get their children to sleep,” Andy Court, the founder of Concerned Citizens of Forest Hills, told PIX11 News. “It’s not appropriate that these concerts go past 10 p.m., there are also trash and traffic problems,” he added.

Another group, Forest Hills Gardens Corporation is in court with the Forest Hills Stadium after the residents’ group threatened to block pedestrian access from the Long Island Railroad to the entrance of the stadium, which is on land owned by the West Side Tennis Club.

The Forest Hills Gardens group wants concertgoers to walk on Yellowstone Boulevard to get to the concerts instead of using the much closer Burns Street entrance."

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