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Residents, tennis club sparring over concerts

"The Forest Hills Gardens Association and the historic West Side Tennis Club have a court date on May 31.

And it won’t be on grass.

The two entities are suing each other in a dispute that centers on the 30 concerts scheduled for Forest Hills Stadium this summer.

The FGHA, in a 24-page complaint, and individual residents interviewed by the Chronicle, say the number of concerts scheduled this year is excessive and unprecedented, and will seriously harm the quality of life for residents of the private community."

"...Residents have claimed that noise is a disturbance, particularly during late hours with children trying to sleep.

Some accused the city’s Department of Environmental Protection of not keeping tabs on noise pollution concerns, and ignoring complaints such as those made to 311.

A DEP spokesman, in an email to the Chronicle, said that the department was not called to the first concerts this year; and that their inspectors last year issued the stadium six summonses for violations of the city’s Noise Code.

Andy Court, co-founder of Concerned Citizens for Forest Hills, wasn’t impressed.

“The DEP needs to do a much better job with noise enforcement,” he said."

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