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Forest Hills Stadium owners sued as neighbors complain about noise

"Crowds packed a historic stadium in Forest Hills for a music festival Saturday, but residents say the music is just too loud, and now they're taking legal action.

Thousands of concertgoers paid their way to get to the two-day music festival, but neighbors like Maggie Li, just feet from Forest Hills Stadium, could hear it all for free.

"I can't take it anymore," Li said.

For the past 10 years, the 100-year-old stadium resumed holding concerts after it sat abandoned.

Li, who is part of the group Concerned Citizens of Forest Hills, says the noise is so loud, she moved out of her home for three years so her son could study.

"You can't enjoy your weekends. You can't enjoy your house, your time with your kids or friends. You can't eat at home. That's just too much," she said.

She wants to see the West Side Tennis Club, which owns the stadium, do more to mitigate the noise."

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