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Queens residents claim summer concerts in Forest Hills are making their walls crack

Queens residents are bracing for another ear-splitting, head-banging summer.

Some homeowners near Forest Hills Stadium report their walls have cracked because of constant vibrations from blaring summer concerts — and 700 of them are demanding the venue rein them in.

Photos and videos obtained by The Post show doors and plants in homes shaking from the music, and 7-foot-long cracks in walls that residents said weren’t there five years ago. Other footage shows concert goers peeing on lawns, and piles of discarded booze cans.

...The music was “as loud as ever,” one community group said, and police responded to a 311 complaint regarding loud music during the show.

A judge last month issued a preliminary injunction in response to a lawsuit from the Forest Hills Gardens Corp. against the West Side Tennis Club, the stadium operator. Judge Joseph Esposito ordered the stadium to cap excessive noise, citing readings approximately 100 times the legal limit.

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