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As Concerts Return to Forest Hills Stadium, So Do Complaints

NY Times, 9/23/2014

"But rock shows have returned to the Forest Hills Stadium, with window-rattling sounds that pierce the neighborhood’s calm. Some people have simply left home at performance time. Others hunker down and console weary toddlers, put off homework or S.A.T. preparation, and reschedule family affairs.

The city’s Department of Environmental Protection has recorded sound in excess of permissible levels, and issued a notice of violation this week to the concert producers for the Replacements’ too-loud finale on Friday, which closed a show in which the opening bands had repeatedly been warned to turn it down.

“It was nice and quiet here until they started this thing up,” said Pete Fontana, 63, a postal worker, pointing to the arena’s concrete arches across from his second-floor bedroom on Dartmouth Street."...


“All we are asking for are reasonable limits,” said Andy Court, 53, a Forest Hills resident who helped found the neighborhood group. “We shouldn’t have to fight for this. It should have been in place from Day 1.”...(read the full article)

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